Contingency Recruitments

There is a plethora of staffing companies mushrooming in the market today. You need to find the most efficient and reliable staffing agency for fulfilling your recruitment needs. We have a team of dedicated professionals in our renowned staffing company, who are talented to guide you through the right career path as well as to help companies find the right staff.


We always strive to connect time-strapped employers with skilled job candidates. Our staffing services are better than the rest of staffing firms in today's competitive market in terms of quality, response time, and credibility of the executive being hired. 


Our clients feel confident with our staffing services because we keep theirofficial information confidential. Being a reliable staffing consultant, our commitment is always towards providing them with the best in the market. 

Services Offerings:
  • Recruitment Support
  • Structured On-boarding
  • Payroll Management
  • Compliance
Value Added Services:
  • Payroll Management Services
  • Compliance Management Services
  • Employee Assessment
  • Associate Skill Enhancement / Training


Staffing Process:
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With domain-specialist teams of over 50 + professionals, providing customized recruitment solutions, MCPL assures you the best talent fit for your recruitment needs.