Learning & Development

Organisations that invest intelligently in employee training and development are investing in the talent that drives successful business.

Margdarshak’s High-impact training and development programs don’t just happen. Instead, they’re a result of careful planning and alignment process. Good training and development programs help organisations keep the right people and scale up profits


The following steps can help you translate business objectives into a tailored training plan.

1. Identify Business Impact: Design and develop trainings to meet the company’s overall goals. Keeping business goals in focus ensuresmeasureable impact.


2. Analyse Skill Gaps: How are your employees’ behaviours helping meet the business goals? 

By finding out the gaps between employees current and ideal skills, one can identify what the specific learning objectives should be. By categorizing these learning objectives into three groups, the training activities can be planned accordingly

Motivation: How can you help learners understand “Why” they need to change their behaviors? By working with employee motivations, you’re more likely to change behaviour over the long term.

Skills Mastery: “What” do your learners need to be able to do on the job? Suchbehaviours will have the most impact on performance.

Critical Thinking: What must your learners know to perform their jobs? Distinguish critical knowledge from average information


3. Layer Training Methods: The most effective training programs use layered, sustainable learning activities to create performance improvement over time. A layered approach makes sure your program targets the most essential employee, customer, and business needs, while training the right people at the right time in the right way. A layered approach blends learning experiences and training methods that maximize the benefits.


4. Evaluate Effectiveness and Sustain Gains: Employees’ need for training and support is not one time practice but a continuous process. Measureable learning objectives form the foundation  to evaluate an initiative’s impact.



Advantages and benefits of high-impact employee training

•    Improve Business performance 
•    Strong talent succession 
•    Capability building 
•    Improve staff morale

•    Increased employee motivation
•    Improved engagement
•    Improved skills & competency

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